Why “Just a Film and Me”?

I thought I’d take a moment to explain why I named this site Just a Film and Me. Maybe it seems like an odd choice or more likely you didn’t give it a second thought, but there is a reason to my selection of words. Looking back, it could have easily been Just Film Reviews or even better, Just a Film and a Glass of Wine! However, I wanted the title to reflect the movie watching experience. When you sit down to watch a film, be it in a packed theater or home alone on a Friday night in your favourite pyjamas, the experience boils down to the connection between yourself and the images on the screen. For those almost two hours you are immersed in a distorted reflection of reality. As I touched on in my last post, everything we see on the screen has passed through at least two lenses. First through the mechanical glass lens of the film camera, and subsequently through the organic lens which is our eye. Therefore the image presented to us is never a fully accurate representation of reality and each person will interpret the images in a slightly different way. This is why the “and me” part of the website’s title. The feeling you take home after finishing a movie (or leaving halfway through if you didn’t like what saw) is only between you and what was presented on the screen. Your tastes, expectations, and past experiences will mold your reaction to the movie. The result is a unique experience that cannot be duplicated by the person sitting next to you in the theater. You may have even forgotten about them as you immersed yourself in some thought provoking dialogue. Maybe the director wanted to get a certain reaction from you, but didn’t succeed. Films can cause you to reflect on past occurrences, or to re-evaluate future decisions you’ll have to make. In conclusion, because I am writing about my thoughts after watching each film, the opinions reflected are warped by my perspective. We never know how we will react to each movie we watch, but I hope that through this site, we can take a journey through the cinematic universe and open our minds to films that we previously may not have considered watching.



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