Review: River’s Edge (1986)

"It's people like you that are sending this country down the tubes. No sense of pride. No sense of loyalty. No sense of NOTHING, man." River's Edge is a dark coming of age story that centers around the murder of local high school girl Jamie and the struggles of her friends to come to terms with … Continue reading Review: River’s Edge (1986)

Review: Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)

This is one film I can watch again and again. It is a feel good movie that will make you laugh, cry, and then go hug your mother. Don't worry if you haven't brushed up on your post WWII history, you'll still enjoy this movie set around the fall of the Berlin Wall. Good Bye, … Continue reading Review: Good Bye, Lenin! (2003)

Review: The Fall (2006)

For a film about story telling, to me its selling point is in the visuals. The opening monochromatic shots in this 2006 film by Tarsem Singh made me feel like I was about to embark on a Dead Man style cinematic journey set in old Hollywood. However, it was just a taste of the rich … Continue reading Review: The Fall (2006)